WMD- The Weapon of Mass Dispersion

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Rick's Ten Point  WMD video with decoy

Alena's nine point

Initial Prototype Testing  30 Oct hunt with decoy 

2 Nov Buckapalooza Part 1  2 Nov Buckapalooza Part 2

Weatherproof and Spillproof

1oz. of liquid is good for over 300 sprays. This equates to over 16 hours of use per bottle! (WMD comes with three empty spray bottles that you can fill with whatever liquid scent or insect repellant you prefer)

Each WMD package comes with:

WMD Dispenser
Three Spray Bottles
30" Bungee Cord
Orange Reversable Neoprene Slip
Sheet of adhesive labels to mark bottles

Requires four(4) D-cell batteries not included and your own liquid scent.
Additional packages of three(3) plastic spray bottles sold separately.

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Successful big game hunting, watching and photography come down to how well you can control the variables.  Some things you can’t control (weather, wind, moon, insects, other hunters, cultural noises, predators, etc.).  You must be diligent and active in manipulating the aspects of the hunt you do have influence over (camouflage, stand placement, calls, decoys, bait, and, most importantly, SCENT).  Bottom line, you’re trying to entice a very safety-centric animal into a lowered alert and draw him to a specific space in time that allows you to have the advantage over the animal’s superior senses. This product is an enabler to the other variables you have control over.  This product is complementary to the other variables.  This product facilitates success.  Attach the WMD to a tree, limb or stand with the provided 30" bungee cord to provide continuous area scent coverage.  We even modified a plastic decoy for the WMD with some amazing results. Check out the videos of these hunts. Used with the included blaze orange neoprene koozie, the device can be positioned at set distances from the hunter and will double as an attractant and distance marker for improved marksmanship and success.  Three spray bottles are also included so you can fill the device with your own preferred scent.


 1. When installing batteries for the first time, pull up slightly on the battery contacts located on the battery door. Some batteries are slightly different from standard and doing this ensures a good contact.

 2. If the WMD isn't spraying an optimal pattern, try changing the bottle. Every bottle is a little different and some liquids may spray better if you change the bottle.

 3. Before first use, put a few drops of 3 in 1 oil or gun oil on the plastic tube that the trigger shaft runs through. The top gasket is really tight to make sure the device is waterproof and this will help the trigger snap down quicker to emit a great spray.


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