Pleasant Ridge Outdoors™ is a new outdoor products development company operated by people who love the outdoors. We're committed to bringing you revolutionary new products that will enhance your outdoors experience.

Recently we started receiving testimonials from people who are using our products for the first time. Because of that response, we thought it might be helpful if we posted some of them online.

 "You know, this product actually works. My father-in-law gave me one and we hunted with it in Illinois last week. On the very first morning a beautiful 8-pt walks down the fence right up to the WMD and stands right in front of it. Doesn't get much easier than that." - Jared, IL

 "I bought two of your dispensers and wanted you to know how pleased I am with the results. I'm handicapped and have difficulty getting too far into the woods. I figured that if I couldn't go to the deer, I'd bring them to me. I placed one WMD beside my ground blind as a cover scent and the other about 30 yards in front. I was using a honeysuckle liquid scent and that sweet aroma brought in a nice 6-pt." - Ben, KS

 "The vanilla extract you told me about worked! Filled up a bottle with vanilla and placed the WMD on the edge of a bedding area in early afternoon. The wind blew the scent directly into the bedding area. 30 minutes after I got in my tree stand, two big does come right down the path obviously looking for the source of the scent. They both walked right up to the WMD that I placed 20 yards in front of my tree." - Mike, KS

 "I bought one of your dispensers last March and have been waiting all summer to use it. I saw some of your videos where you modified a decoy and we did the same. Freaking Awesome! We used an apple scent and muzzleloader season was a huge success." Jimmy, MO

 "My husband bought me one of the WMDs you were selling at Ft.Leavenworth. Just wanted you to know I got my first deer- a doe- with it last weekend. I used the honeysuckle scent you recommended to my husband. Thanks for helping me score my first kill. I even field dressed it- with a little help." Kim, KS

 "Hi. I bought one of the WMDs from you at the Peoria show. Finally got to use it. Took my son on his first trip to deer camp. Filled up the dispenser with some doe-in-heat. It was a little early for the rut so I didn't know if I should use something else or not. Long story short, first morning, a little basket 8-pt walks down this cut in the timber on a rope right up to the dispenser. Camp meat." Dave, IL

 "We bought one of your Heat Lockers at the Madison hunting expo. My husband is in construction and I got tired of him trying to use my tumble dryer. Now, he can keep all his dirty work clothes in the garage and he never has to go to work in wet clothes again. Thanks." Jaime, WI

 "My husband bought a Heat Locker from you at Whiteman, AFB. He said you called it the "marriage saver". You're right about that. I was so sick of him bringing in his wet, muddy coats and coveralls and trying to sneak them into my clothes dryer. Deer season, duck season, turkey season, fishing trips. It just didn't end. All his junk stays in the basement where it belongs and we're both happy." Margaret, MO

In all fairness, we've also had a couple of complaints. One customer's WMD didn't come on initially. Turns out, one of the battery contacts wasn't making good contact. He pulled up on the batter door contacts and it worked just fine. Another customer's trigger wasn't snapping down with sufficient force to emit a good spray pattern. We realized that the top trigger gasket was a little tight (obviously it has to be to keep the unit waterproof) so when the trigger pushed down there was a lot of friction. He used a couple of drops of gun oil on the trigger shaft and it worked fine. We've also had a few bad bottles but that's why we give three in each package. All in all, for a brand new product, it's been very successful with very few hiccups. Obviously, we stand behind our products and will always make it right.