About Us

Pleasant Ridge Outdoors™ is a new outdoor products development company operated by people who love the outdoors. We're committed to bringing you revolutionary new products that will enhance your outdoors experience.


USAF Lieutenant Colonel (Ret) Richard V. Warren III and wife Alena Warren are the owners. Rick is a recently retired fighter pilot with flying assignments in the T-38, B-1 and A-10. Alena is a career R.N. specializing in Labor/Delivery. They have over 60 years of combined experience exploring the outdoors around the world.

Here's how it all started.

After spending a windy morning deer hunting, my cotton scent wick was completely dried up. I thought it would be great if there was a product that continuously put out fresh scent like the home fragrance dispensers did every few minutes to lure in deer and other game. I completed an exhaustive search with various major retailers and the internet and realized there wasn't a product designed to function like that outdoors that met my satisfaction. I needed a product that was weatherproof, spillproof, drop proof and would run for the entire day using a 1oz spray bottle without having to be refilled.

I sent an e-mail to the major fragrance dispenser company in the U.S. and told them I had an idea for a product they might be interested in. I didn't want any compensation. I just wanted them to build the product so I could buy it from them. They politely told me not to contact them again as they didn't accept any outside product ideas but thanks for using their products. Well, I decided if you want something done right you might as well do it yourself.

It took three years to establish the company and get our first two products ready for market. After 23 years on active duty (4 years enlisted and 19 officer), we can now focus full-time on leading the company and launching new products.

We started this company because we realized there were lots of products and product improvements we'd like to have and the major companies just didn't have it- or get it. All of the products PRO will manufacture will be products that solve real problems not just for hunters but for many others who spend time outdoors. From gardeners to shooters, our diversified product line will have something for everyone. Plus, all of the products will be something I want in my garage or locker. So, they'll have to be awesome.

Additionally, PRO's management team and advisors have spent many thousands of hours in the field and have an expert understanding of many of the problems faced while enjoying various outdoor activities. Our main competitive advantage lies in the fact that our team is steadfastly determined to change problems into solutions, uncompromising in our pursuit of quality, focused on the customer's needs and ingrained with the highest standards of integrity.

Here's the bonus. We know there are many of you out there who are walking around just like I was. You have a great idea but don't have the experience, knowledge, time or financing to take your idea to the next level. Trust me. When we started this, we had an extremely sharp learning curve and would never have been able to do this without some serious help from friends, family, and other professional and business organizations who believed in what we were doing just as much as we did. PRO wants to help and we want your help. As you read earlier, our first two products are just now ready for launch. We have another 6-9 products on the drawing board. We would rather have 100 products on the market than 10. We are currently soliciting ideas for product development. All of our products are completely designed and engineered right here in the U.S. With your help, we'd like to grow even larger and create even more jobs right here.

We know this sounds kinda radical. A company actually wanting to hear ideas on how to improve people's lives rather than just forcing something down their throat. Well, here's your chance. If you can come up with an idea we can commercialize, we'll negotiate with you a fair licensing agreement for the rights to your idea. You won't have to risk one cent. We'll bear all the costs of research, development, patent, legal, prototyping, assembly, packaging, shipping, advertising, marketing, accounting and sales. Bottom line- you give us your idea and, if we can develop it, you'll get a check. Please Contact Us if you'd like to chat. I'd be glad to share what I've learned with you even if you'd like to develop your idea on your own. God knows, plenty of people helped me.

Return Policy: In the unlikely event of a product return, a re-stock fee equal to the original shipping cost will be deducted from any refund amount. Additionally, customers are responsible for shipping the product back to PRO. PRO will bear the costs if the material is defective according to our warranty.

Here are just a few of the many wonderful organizations we've enjoyed working with.

The Advanced Manufacturing Institute out at Kansas State University

Contract Engineering Services

DeMaranville and Associate, CPAs, LLC

Kendal King Group

Mark 8 Global Source

The Citizen's National Bank of Lansing

Passage Maker

United States Department of Veteran's Affairs

Here are a few more I recommend you check out.

The Wounded Warrior Project

The United States Air Force

The United States Army

The United States Navy

The United States Marine Corps